Rotating Block Spikes


Bob Steffens

317 E. Midway Dr.

Mundelein, Il 60060

Phone: 847-949-0128




For many years the Rotating block Perch Spike, designed and crafted by Little/Snell, was the standard of excellence and safety.  Bill Snell stopped production of his stainless steel falconry equipment more than 5 years ago.

Some time ago I contacted my old friend and metal craftsman Bob Steffens and asked him if he could make me a couple reproductions of the Little/Snell block spike. Recently I received one in the mail and I have to say they are as well crafted and functional as the original Little/Snell spikes.

Bob is now in production and is offering these fine well crafted spikes for an introductory price of:  $138.00 ea + shipping


Kindest Regards

Kenny Sterner