Kenny Sterner
Black Hybrids
102 Rapid Creek Rd
Sheridan WY 82801
Ph: (307) 674-8228
Toll Free (888) 674-8228
Ray   Ray Immature TOM
Female Hybrid 1

Black Bart

Female Hybrid 2
Black Bart THE BOYS Spike First Grouse
Chicks 2000  
Ken Sterner & Tom & Ray Double Trouble
Hans & Tom, Ken & Ray
Sophia's Eggs 2002 First chick 2002
Mark Waller's "Little Bastard" 2002
Mike Mason's Hybrid Female 2011
Andy Opacian 2011 Female 
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"Look up and wave your glove"
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Chad Cyrus

In Memory of Our Friend & Fellow Falconer
Chad Cyrus
11/21/71 - 8/18/11
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